Viseu Dão Lafões Region

Consisting of approximately 3,500 km2 of the Central region, between the coast and the hinterlands, the area spans 14 municipalities. The fact that it was a junction of important communication routes favoured development and the ancestry of the settlement left us with a rich legacy and heritage dating back to prehistoric times.

The landscape is etched by mountains and rivers, with vast forests, grazing fields and farm lands whose produce is used in a rich and varied traditional gastronomy, and the vineyards yield resources that are then transformed by labour and know-how into wines with character and identity – the Dão Wines.

The local water is also a treasure due to its mineral-medicinal potential, and its health and well-being benefits can be enjoyed at the Thermal Spas.

Old villages, towns and cities where centuries-old history is combined with the modern, and the facilities and activities offer enviable quality of life. If the tones of the stone indicate the settlements, it the friendliness of the people that brings them to life, and it is their love of making visitors feel welcome that makes this visit a memorable one.

Source: Turismo Centro de Portugal

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