Dão Wine Tasting / Grape Harvest

You will discover the mysteries and magic of Dão wine. If you participate in the harvest, the experience is even more complete. As you roll up your sleeves and put your hands on work, you will feel that you belong to that place. It is an activity for all ages. Dive into the magic of Dão wine!


PeriodAll year round for visits and wine tastings. From the end of August until October for wine harvesting and production.

Place: 1  or more Vineyards in the Region of Dão

½ day approximately , 1  or more Vineyards in the Dão Region


On request, as it depends on the program you want to do.

Maximum number of attendees :
2 to 20 (group discounts)

IncludedWineyard and Winery visit; Tasting; Harvest if applicable; Holiday gift.

Topics addressed

  • Sensory analysis.
  • The whole process from vine to wine.

What is needed

If you participate in the harvest you must wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes.