Dão Experience provides families, friends and horse lovers experiences without routine, making everyone feel part of our place and be able to disconnect from the whirlwind in which they live in their daily lives.

Living and being with no hurry, with no manual to follow, enjoying experiences and local activities together.

You are not a tourist; you are one of us.

Be part of our home and our history. Our time has quality, nature, knowledge, flavors, smells and sensations.

Riding on Dão!

The horse, a magic animal that is part of us.
Noble character, friend and therapist.
We could use lots of words to define it, but the best is to discover, feel and try riding it
Perfect activity to smile and relax.

My horse goes on vacation

Break the routine and come on vacation with your horse. Have a unique experience of a forest walk. Your horse also has a Box, bed, food and handling.

Carriage by Dão!

Listen to the silence of the field, see the colors of nature, feel the smells of our Dão. Because the simplest is the most beautiful, the horse trots through the fields in a calm and relaxed way transporting us to a time when there was no rush.

Moonlight Dinner

It takes place in a rustic and uncompromising atmosphere, where we can be dazzled by the starry sky. Cozy atmosphere ideal for good conversations.

Tradicional cooking

In this lesson you will discover the secrets of the flavors and smells which remind us of special moments, or that simply awaken all the senses by cooking with natural products from our region.

Cycling in Dão

A very rewarding experience, you will have time to think about yourself, or enjoy good times with friends and family. Excellent activity to strengthen family ties.

Dão Wine Tasting

You will discover the mysteries and magic of Dão wine. If you participate in the harvest, the experience is even more complete. As you roll up your sleeves and put your hands on work, you will feel that you belong to that place.

Olive Harvest / Tasting

You will discover and participate in an ancient tradition. You will participate in all stages of the production of Olive Oil. It is the pride of our land, it is like gold!